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More Annoying SEO Techniques That Will Cause Your Website to Fail

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People are getting wise to the concept of repeating keywords to get high rankings with search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc.). What many have failed to keep in mind is that, ideally, actual people will be looking at their website as well. The resul… more »

Making Your Website Readable

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In the short time you have to get a viewer?s attention, you mustn?t waste time with text that is hard to read. I?ve mentioned this topic briefly before but thought it worthy of more detail. One of the things that makes text hard to read is poor a… more »

Protecting Your Equipment When Moving

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Here is another moving-inspired post. If you have a lot of equipment or even just a little, keeping it organized can be difficult and potentially disastrous. I learned this lesson in my previous move. I accidentally switched power supplies for my modem/… more »

Issues With Moving and Internet Service (aka: Where has Tim been?)

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If internet access is critical to you business or life then the prospect of losing that access is an important topic. If you regularly shop online or manage your bank accounts online then this is an important topic. You might feel safe checking your ema… more »

Does my business really need a website?

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Recently I was planning to do some shopping at a local store but didn?t want to spend hours in the store figuring out what I wanted. I decided to check their online catalog to get some ideas. They didn?t have one. They didn?t even have a website to tell… more »

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