More Annoying SEO Techniques That Will Cause Your Website to Fail

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People are getting wise to the concept of repeating keywords to get high rankings with search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc.). What many have failed to keep in mind is that, ideally, actual people will be looking at their website as well. The result is text that reads something like this:


Widget supplies in City, State are important, when one sets out to manufacture a widget. It is inevitable that the necessity for widget supplies in City, State comes up. Now, this is actually a very broad subject when it comes to widgets because the widget supplies in City, State that a widget maker would need is based on what type of widget they have. Some might want to make a widget that covers the majority of their product line which will lead to larger widget supplies in City, State, others might have a widget that is a lesser part of their product line that might be perfect for smaller widget supplies in City, State. Whichever best suits your style of widget, widget supplies in City, State are a must. One important aspect to consider when choosing which widget supplies in City, State you want is your ability level. If you think that a heavy-duty, large-sized widget modifier is going to be a little too much for you to manage, you might think about finding a smaller widget supplies in City, State.


When buying widget supplies in City, State it is also important to think about where you are located. If you are in a location that has a lot of special needs you are going to need widget supplies that are significantly more heavy duty than if you are living in the other areas without special needs allowing you to use lower weight widget supplies in City, State.


Annoyed? Frustrated? If not, you would be by the time you finished reading the rest of the page. The whole meaning of the page (excluding excessive mentions of ?widgets,? ?City,? and ?State?) could be summarized in a single paragraph.



The problem for this type of website gets worse. The search engines have figured out this trick and now downplay, ignore, or even blacklist sites that use this technique. I, for one, am grateful for this change, both as a designer and as a web user.



The bottom line for avoiding the problems of annoying your viewers and becoming blacklisted is to be honest, convey the message you want your viewers to get, and never try to trick the search engines.







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