Issues With Moving and Internet Service (aka: Where has Tim been?)

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If internet access is critical to you business or life then the prospect of losing that access is an important topic. If you regularly shop online or manage your bank accounts online then this is an important topic. You might feel safe checking your email at the library or coffee shop but you wouldn?t want your passwords to financial accounts where someone else could get to them.

A month before moving I checked on what internet service providers (ISPs) were available. My current ISP was available at the same high speed. I found that there would be a five day interruption before service was restored at the new house. After that time passed I called to find out why I still couldn?t access the internet. It turns out that the high speed offered for this address was not actually available. I was sent an email telling me this and sending a link to the company?s website for details. Because I had no internet access I had not received that email. I arranged to get the internet access at the slower speed. There would still be a five (business) day wait. After that next week passed and I still couldn?t access the internet I called again. It seemed that the order was still pending. The next day the order was held up by a third party that had failed to make changes to their equipment. Seventeen days after I lost internet access I finally got it back.


  1. Double check your new location for internet access. A call to the company you plan to use might not be a bad idea.
  2. Make sure that your ISP has your phone number and make it the primary way to contact you (at least for the move).
  3. Check other ISPs that could possibly provide service in case something goes wrong.
  4. Look for other ways you could access the internet securely during the transition (like a friend?s house).
  5. Stay on top of your ISP. If you don?t get access when you are supposed to, don?t play the nice guy and wait. Call them and make sure that they are on the ball.

Happy moving everyone.

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