Does my business really need a website?

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Recently I was planning to do some shopping at a local store in Ukiah but didn?t want to spend hours in the store figuring out what I wanted. I decided to check their online catalog to get some ideas. They didn?t have one. They didn?t even have a website to tell me where they were and what their hours were. I had to go to the site of a large chain store to get ideas. Unfortunately, having gotten ideas from their competitor, I was disappointed when I couldn?t find what I had set my heart on.

This illustrates the problem many small, local businesses face in competing with their larger counterparts. The big stores (usually) have large, well-designed websites that let their potential customers know what they have and, many times, even buy online.

The other issue is that many people would rather use their tech (computers, tablets, cell phones, etc.) to search for a business than use the phone book. Without a good website, your business could be overlooked. Listing your business on Facebook, Yelp, and others is good (I?ll discuss this more later) but will not give you enough exposure to be listed near the top of a search.

So, when you ask ?Do I need a website for my business?? the answer is becoming, more and more, ?Yes!?

(Coming soon: What kind of website does my business need?)

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